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Generators: 55-DS to 4405-DS Series

55-DS to 4405-DS Series:

The 55DS to 4405DS Series are designed to meet individual customer specifications. These products are currently being used by NASCAR race team trailers, U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and many luxury coach manufacturers due to their unbeatable combination of quality components.

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Model KW*
55 - DS 5.5
705 - DS 7.0
105 - DS 10.0
125 - DS 12.5
155 - DS 15.0
185 - DS 18.0
205 - DS 20.0
3505 - DS 35.0
4405 - DS 44.0

* Single Phase, 60hz Rating at sea level atmospheric conditions.

Water cooled diesel engines Engine mounted radiator w/ pusher fan
Cold start aid 40 amp, 12 volt battery charging system
Rubber anti-vibration mounts Steel drip pan base
Mechanical fuel priming / lift pump Remote starting system
Remote engine gauge kit w/ hour meter Brushless alternator
Unit mounted output circuit breaker Engine mounted dry type air filter
Engine mounted exhaust silencer 5 light, computerized engine safety control system

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