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Military Products:

We are the manufacturer of the SMART-T generator set for the U.S. Military. In addition we also currently supply a 10hp repower kit for the GSA-427. Finally we are the Yanmar diesel engine supplier to other companies that build equipment for many military applications. We are constantly expanding our support of military products.

SMART - T Generator Set

Specifically designed for use with the SMART - T satellite communication system produced by Raytheon. 

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Original Parts Manual

Rev W Update to Parts Manual

DRAFT AEHF Upgrade Parts Manual

GSA -427 Repower Kit

Specifically designed to repower the military generators. This 10hp kit has been supplied to the Military for numerous years.
Yanmar L100AE-DE Direct injected diesel engine, single cylinder, 406cc, 4-cycle, air cooled. Produces 9hp cont and 10hp max at 3800 rpm. Weighs 54kg or 119lb.

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